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Talent Acquisition

Don't have the time or resources to handle the complex process of talent acquisition? Let Harper Finley be your dedicated talent acquisition partner.

Talent Acquisition


We understand that acquiring top talent requires more than just posting job ads. Our experts take care of every aspect, from crafting compelling job advertisements to conducting in-depth interviews and screening processes.

We become your talent acquisition specialists, working closely with you to understand your needs and find the candidates who fit seamlessly into your organisation.

Sometimes, simply finding talent isn’t enough. You have to persuade the best people to join your organisation — and that’s one of our specialities.

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Other services


Drive your business forward with talent that adds value to your existing team. At Harper Finley, we understand the critical role of recruitment in your company's success.

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In today's fiercely competitive job market, high-profile and highly specialised roles demand a specific skill set. At Harper Finley, we excel in headhunting — the art of identifying and persuading the right individuals to join your business.

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Career & Market Advice

In addition to recruitment services, we offer invaluable career and market advice. Our highly experienced consultants have a wealth of knowledge and insights to help you create career opportunities, succession plans, and effective recruitment strategies.

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